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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Releasing Your Fears

Let go
Trust the Process

Most people are comfortable staying in their comfort zone. They play it safe. Security is what they are holding onto for dear life. Venturing out into the unknown can be a scary thing, but when you release all of your fears and step out into faith, believing all will be okay, no matter what, you drop your fears and are able to proceed without caution, without the debilitating fear that is holding you back. We are taught to believe that things are the way they are just because! Accepting that and following the status quo will limit your beliefs about yourself and the beauty that fills the world. Change is a part of each of us and what we resist will persist. Unless you are willing to let go of old beliefs and allow new perspectives to enter your mind, you will keep thinking the same thoughts and keep getting the same results. Be courageous enough to challenge some of your own assumptions, your thinking, your actions or lack thereof. Be brave enough to try new things, to dare new dreams. Look your fears square in the eye, embrace them and let them go. Know that they are only as real as you make them and will only survive if you continue to feed them. Baby steps are steps nonetheless, and is what is needed so desperately in an ever changing world. Rise above all of the negative thoughts you hold about yourself! Learn to trust your inner voice and persevere to brighter, more fulfilling days, days free from fear! 
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Posted By: Nicki L.

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