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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Power of our Thoughts

Let's face it. We all have at least once in our lives, 'woke up on the wrong side of the bed'. Everyday we are faced with the sum total of all our circumstances. Some struggle financially, some in the love department, while others struggle with rejection, abuse and even depression. I can honestly say that I have had my bouts with all of the above. The biggest, most influential discovery I have made thus far in my 39 years of life, is that we create each and every moment with our thoughts. Looking at life from this perspective, allowed all of the emotions and feelings that I had been letting control my daily life, be transformed into something more uplifting and positive that eventually helped me to pull myself out of my own 'stinkin thinkin'. Life was no longer to blame, God was no longer to blame, my children, my job, my family, my friends, none of them were to blame for how I was choosing to live my life every day. I began to accept this as my truth, the insight and clarity that I had long been in search for, was suddenly at my grasp. Matter of fact, I became aware that everything I had ever dreamed that I needed or was missing, was within ME. Of course this led to me taking full responsibility for not only my actions, but my thoughts as well. What I began to realize, was that, how I chose to 'think' about my life, directly affected what I would experience. For example: Let's say you start to feel sick. Repeating over and over again "I am getting sick", you can rest assured that most likely you will begin to feel worse. Why? Because that is exactly what you thought, exactly what you spoke and put out into the universe. Now, here's the spin, and I by no means am saying that positive thinking is a magical thing where all you have to do is 'think' it and poof, it's transformed. But by thinking positive and speaking positive, combined with wholeheartedly believing things will get better is a great recipe for a more positive experience. The next time you start to feel sick, say to yourself, "I am NOT getting sick". Repeat it over and over again, believe it with all your heart and take notice if you experience getting sick or not. Often times, we say one thing and hope for something totally different, and when we don't experience that, then we wonder why? Another example would be to say "It's gonna be a bad day". We release negative energy when we speak negatively. A person making this statement will most likely experience a 'bad day'. The good news is that at any given moment, we can turn it all around by placing a more effective affirmation, such as, "It's gonna be a great day". This raises our vibrational level, fills our mind with optimism and creates a pathway for a great day. I guess the point I am trying to make is this; Our thoughts are very powerful and can set the course for how we experience our daily lives. One of the awesome things about this is: We get to CHOOSE! If you find yourself constantly complaining about the same ole' things and are not seeing different results, maybe it's time to look at it from a new perspective. Start speaking positively about everything. Look for the good in the midst of the bad. No matter how dark things seem, there is always another way to look at it. Turn even the gloomiest, most depressing, heart wrenching struggles, into the brightest, uplifting, heart warming experiences of your life.

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Posted By: Nicki L.

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