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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Holding on to 'anger' prevents us from being
 able to forgive and invites 'pain' to stay

Anger makes you smaller - while forgiveness helps you to grow beyond what you are

Telling the other person that we forgive them, is not necessary in order to heal. Forgiveness is something we must do for ourselves. Letting go of the pain that we are carrying, frees us from our own enslavement and prisoner to our own feelings. Whatever happened has already happened. It's over! Clinging to resentment and anger keeps the pain alive, as long as we continue to feed it. It breeds negativity and manifests itself into our lives, a series of illnesses, disappointments, failures, doubts, insecurites, and so on. Remembering that we and we alone are the cause of our own feelings, by the way we are choosing to 'think' about circumstances, will help us release the need to be resentful, angry and bitter towards someone. Letting go of the anger in itself is forgiveness, because we have made the decision to move forward in our lives, rather than re-playing the same scenario(s) over and over again in our minds. We ourselves free by forgiving ourselves for holding on to it for so long. If you are holding on to anger and are harboring resentment ---- Let it go! Starting today, whatever it is.... Embrace the joyous feeling of being free, free from the thoughts that have hindered you from being truly happy and at peace for far too long. 

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Posted By: Nicki L.

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