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Saturday, November 23, 2013

We are stronger and more resilient than we believe ourselves to be

Yes! There is power in this little quote that really makes you stop and think for a minute. If it doesn't jump out at you, just pause for a minute and let your mind ponder it.

We all are walking our journey, both feet planted to the ground, sometimes walking bravely, other times, in the midst of fear, unsure which way to go.

Sometimes, our load becomes heavy and we begin to question 'why is this happening to me', 'when is this going to end', 'why can't my life be easier'? While on one hand I will say, these are some great questions. My question is, while you are asking these questions, 'are you really ready for the answers'?

You see, this is all happening to you because you are strong enough to overcome it!

It will end, the moment you proclaim... 'You've had enough'!
Your life doesn't really get easier, you just get tougher, wiser, braver!

Getting stuck in the 'why' mindset can stunt your growth, and prevent you from moving forward. This is why. You get stuck in the questions and are unable to see the answers, because you've developed a 'victim' mentality that, well, to put it mildly, keeps you stuck. Period! 

In order to persevere, to move out of the 'why' spiral, you have to start asking yourself 'why not'. This statement is more powerful than the 'why' because it generates results by eliminating the questions, because you have now begin to hold the idea, that just maybe, you ARE built to handle this, strong enough to live it, brave enough to face it and courageous enough to overcome it. Your self worth is reborn. Each obstacle looks smaller because you are choosing to look at them through new eyes, a new perspective.

You begin to accept whatever life throws your way, because you know that: 

YOU are strong enough to live it.

Every experience you have in life is designed to teach you something. Learning that something and incorporating that learning into who you are and how you experience your own life will always move you beyond your current circumstances. That movement will always change your life into a new experience – even if that new experience is simply a different way of looking at the same thing.

So the next time it seems like it's all falling apart. Don't

ask 'why me' - ask 'why not'

Always be aware that:

YOU are strong enough to live you Life!
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Posted By: Nicki L.

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