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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Using our tools for the better

It's amazing how powerful we are. We have so many tool that are with us at all times, yet strangely, we still end up feeling powerless at times. 
Imagine how sweet Life would be if we took time to teach ourselves to use each of these tools constructively? I can imagine that. In fact, I will show you simple techniques that will help guide you to living a fuller life.
The Voice
So often we speak before we actually think. And sometimes, the words just come out all wrong, but once said, it's hard to take them back. It's difficult if you think about it, to think before you speak... most people just start talking, but if you train yourself to speak encouraging words, you'r e creating a ripple of kindness in your dialogues. Having to think before you speak is no longer necessary because you never have to second guess your words, you know, with confidence that they are going to be kind.
The Ears
We all hear so much throughout our day, some of which we wished we didn't, hehe.. But listening, aah now that's just a little of the same with a touch of caress, more depth, hence, a feeling of compassion for another being tingles inside. We create an emotional connection. 
Hearing and listening both allow us to hear what is being said, yet to truly listen to someone, means to care enough about that persons experience, because you can place yourself in their shoes, relate yourself to their story and lend compassionate ears without the intent to speak or inject your own thoughts and opinions,,,,Just listening...compassionately.
The Hands
We do a lot with our hands from building skyscrapers, to writing best selling novels to life guarding at the beach or giving a back rub. All of which may bring forth great, instant gratification, all stemming from a career or life choice, that you are passionate about and chose to follow. Not everyone is a builder, writer, protector or healer. One thing that we all collectively share is the ability to give freely. 
There are so many little things you and I could do that will make a huge impact. For example, giving someone a hug. Most people love hugs and it's instant gratification and you receive one right back. Giving canned and dry goods to your church, local food drive or school fund raiser is another way to contribute and you can start with what's already in your pantry. Let your friends and neighbors know too and see if they'd like the help. The more the merrier.
The Mind
Oh that beautiful mess of a mind we have. We use it to talk ourselves out of doing things. We use it to over think and create problems that weren't there two seconds ago. We worry about things that we cannot control and people we cannot and will not ever change. We use it to judge ourselves and others, telling lies to others and ourselves. What if, we allowed thoughts of compassion, love, tolerance, diversity and empathy to flood our minds. Would we then feel pulled, almost compelled to offer constructive criticism without fear of hurting another? Would we be able to tell people the honest truth instead of telling them what we 'think' they want to hear? Would we be able to to stop lying to ourselves and begin to tell the truth in all matters of our life no matter how painful it is? Oh I think so!
The Heart
When you come from the heart in everything you think, say or do, it will always manifest Love in your daily life
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Posted By: Nicki L.

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