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Monday, July 9, 2012

Stuff Happens--Coping with Life's little disasters

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Bad, good, ugly, beautiful! Whatever it is that you may be going through is happening. You have a couple of choices : Turn away from it and ignore it, or choose to face it head on and embrace it. Sometimes we may get tangled in the web of 'why's'...why is this happening to me, etc. Be careful not to get stuck there. You can spend hours, even days over analyzing the situation, only to later realize that you are in the exact same place that you started.

This begs the question---What if I stopped asking 'why' and instead started asking 'why not'? After all, who better to handle any of Life's hard blows but You--yes You! We spend a lot of time criticizing ourselves, putting ourselves down, to the point where it seems as if the world is tumbling down on us all at once. Adversities and trials come to us, not to weaken and break us down, but to present to us another opportunity to create something positive from them. Every tool that we need, each of us carries inside. If we will only turn inward, with a boost of self-confidence, and hold steadfast the belief that we are bigger than our battles and stronger than any wind that blows, we are sure to stand firmly on our own two feet.

The next time you find yourself facing a difficult time....try to be aware at the moment, that this time, no matter what or why it is happening, you are gonna look it firmly in the face, embrace all of it's entirety and let go of what you can't control. Knowing, in your heart, that this may be bettering you, although it may not be clear at the time, for a greater purpose in your journey. Difficulties remain because we are unwilling to do the work necessary to walk around them, hop over them, or even push through them.

My mom always said: 'Out of every negative, there is a positive'. We just have to be willing to lay our judgements aside, to gain clarity on the situation. Rise up to the occasion next time and exert your courage and bravery by just accepting what IS, and work yourself towards what happens next. Remember that whatever that may be is entirely up to you. 
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Posted By: Nicki L.

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