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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coffee Bean Candles

As much as I LOVE coffee, I think I am having a 'could of had a v-8 moment' (tehe)

Why haven't I thought of this?! Probably, because I do not buy the coffee beans, as they are too expensive for my budget. But needless to say, The next trip to the grocery store will include some coffee beans. They literally look like they could take about one minute to throw together. 
Can't wait to try these

Here are your three simple materials:
1) Coffee beans
2) Tea light candles 
3) Container for beans and candle

Shopping for containers to hold your candles can be cost - efficient. You can find a variety of styles by shopping around at local thrift stores, yard sales and of course your local Dollar store or Wal-Mart carry these at affordable prices. Tea light candles are very inexpensive and come in bundles, but you can spice it up by using any candle of your choice, providing it fits well with the width and height of your container.
Get Creative and share some with your friends

Fill container about half - way with the coffee beans
Place candle in the center of coffee beans
Enjoy the sweet aroma of coffee throughout your house...Mmmm

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Photo source: via
Photo source: via

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Posted By: Nicki L.

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