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Monday, March 26, 2012

Button Love

Yay!!! Just got done creating my very first button for my blog and am ecstatic. Check it out on the right side bar :D  The're so fun, quick and easy to do, once you get it. Grab buttons are bloggers ways of showing link love. When you visit someone's site, they may have a personalized button designed by them, usually something quick and catchy, that reflects their blog. Underneath the picture is a grab code(HTML). Right-click, copy and paste it into your html widget on your blog. This will put the button wherever you place it on your page and when others visit your site, when they click on the button, it will re-direct your visitors to the blog you copied it from.  On the flip, others will see your grab code(HTML) when they visit your site and can copy and paste it on their page as well.  {Linky Love} Pretty cool way of staying connected with fellow bloggers. I searched for ways to do this and came across some lengthy and sometimes overwhelming amount of information, with very long (HTML) codes. Good news: Here's a short, sweet, explanation of  how to make a blog with a grab box underneath, so your blog friends can grab display your button on their blog.

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Posted By: Nicki L.

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